Belle Botanique

We honour the one who created and designed life, as well as our fellow humans, animals, and the natural world. Hence, our unique approach is based on the understanding that matter is essentially composed of energy, vibration, and frequency.
We select safe and biocompatible ingredients since our bodies resonate with nature and the ecosystem.

Product Development

With great care and scientific accuracy, we create formulas for skincare, haircare, body care, homecare, and natural perfumes.

Nourishing beauty that is inner and outer, we develop products with impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity.

  • We do not outsource; we develop our own products
  • No misleading claims
  • No compromise on efficacy
  • We are a purpose-led, performance-driven company

We Make Perfumes with Excellence

Good Health is the Ultimate Luxury, that is why we carefully exclude potentially harmful ingredients. We use only the highest quality ingredients.

Through our perfumes we want to connect people back to nature, to beauty within and explore the power of their own emotions – that’s an important thing for us as human beings.

May each spray of our perfumes create beautiful memories for you!

We Specialise in Using the Power of Botanicals

Harnessing the best of what botanicals have to offer requires the perfect understanding of their chemistry and the complex molecules that they contain for human health & well-being. Building on this knowledge, Belle’Botanique has developed a proprietary extraction method for plants, herbs, roots, flowers, leaves and barks. Every extract is obtained through the best-suited extraction method with ideal solvents to obtain the very essence of the plant. We use only ‘Green-Solvents’, and No Animal Testing!

We Effortlessly Combine:

Art & Beauty

Ancient Wisdom & the Latest Science

Treasures of the East & Precision of the West