Welcome to Bellé Botanique


Manoj Jain
Director R & D

“Belle Botanique was born out of my desire to provide highly effective, scientifically-advanced, plant-based cosmetic products. This is the driving force behind every aspect of our company from raw material resourcing, research & development to manufacturing and quality assurance. Each product is made by combining time-honoured wisdom of the nature with the rigour of scientific precision. I am grateful and pleased that you are investing in holistic beauty and health by using our products.”


Professor Peter Howe

Peter is Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Southern Queensland, Emeritus Professor at the University of Newcastle, Adjunct Professor at the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Peter is the Chairperson of the TGA’s Advisory Committee for Complementary Medicines and a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia.

Peter advises on strategic scientific developments for Belle’Botanique Pty Ltd.


Peta-Ann Jain
Perfume Designer & Creative Developments

“I have created perfumes in Belle Botanique to inspire and enrich experiences of life, as a way to bring wholeness in your modern busy world. I hope these perfumes will strengthen your natural connection with the living world of plants, herbs, flowers and woods – the vibrant spectrum of living scents.”

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