Welcome to Bellé Botanique

Our unique approach is based on the understanding that matter is essentially composed of Frequency, Vibration and Energy. Our bodies have vibrational affinity with nature, the biosphere and natural materials that is why we select only natural ingredients.

Frangipani Neroli

With this understanding and purpose, we develop skincare, hair and body care formulations, and natural perfumes with meticulous attention to detail and scientific precision.

Nourishing beauty that is inner and outer, we develop products with impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity.

  • No outsourcing, we do it all ourselves
  • No misleading claims
  • No compromise on efficacy
  • We are a purpose-led, performance-driven company

We Make Perfumes with Excellence

Good Health is the Ultimate Luxury, that is why we carefully exclude potentially harmful ingredients. We use only the highest quality ingredients.

Through our perfumes we want to connect people back to nature, to beauty within and explore the power of their own emotions – that’s an important thing for us as human beings.

May each spray create beautiful memories!

We Specialise in Using the Power of Botanicals

Harnessing the best of what botanicals have to offer requires the perfect understanding of their chemistry and the complex molecules that they contain for human health & well-being. Building on this knowledge, Belle’Botanique has developed a proprietary extraction method for plants, herbs, roots, flowers, leaves and barks.
Every extract is obtained through the best-suited extraction method with ideal solvents to obtain the very essence of the plant. We use only ‘Green-Solvents’, and No Animal Testing!

We don’t engage third party labs to formulate our products.
Our founders have many years of experience working at the bench, evaluating ingredients & formulating products.
Beautiful skin and good health is when the entire organism – body, mind and spirit is in a state of wellbeing.

Manoj (Josh) Jain
Director R & D

Manoj (Josh) Jain has many years of hands-on experience working at the bench formulating cosmetics. He is one of the few formulators in the cosmetics-world, who has worked in the major areas of cosmetic-science including skincare, haircare, body care, and perfumes. Manoj’s expertise is in applying principles and processes of Green-Chemistry in his formulation work.

He has worked tirelessly to provide highly effective, scientifically-advanced, nourishing, plant-based cosmetic products – a way to nurture and harmonise our-selves with nature.

Professor Peter Howe
Strategic Scientific Advisor

Peter is Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Southern Queensland, Emeritus Professor at the University of Newcastle, Adjunct Professor at the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Peter is the Chairperson of the TGA’s Advisory Committee for Complementary Medicines and a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia.

Peter advises on strategic scientific developments for Belle’Botanique Pty Ltd.

Peta-Ann Jain
Perfume Designer & Creative Developments

Peta-Ann is an accomplished artist and a perfume designer. She uses only flowers, leaves, fruits, woods, resins, and herbs in developing perfumes.

“I have created perfumes in Belle Botanique to inspire and enrich experiences of life, as a way to bring wholeness in your modern busy world. I hope these perfumes will strengthen your natural connection with the living world of plants, herbs, flowers and woods – the vibrant spectrum of living scents.”

We effortlessly combine:

Art & Beauty

Ancient Wisdom & Latest Science

Treasures of the East & Precision of the West

  • 5 star review  In these days of exposure to UV rays, minute pollutants penetrating especially my facial skin and HEV blue light emitted by smartphones and computer screens I could not stopping wondering whether all these components combined were leading to a premature aging of my skin. I have now discovered an excellent skincare product to combat these damaging influences with Belle Botanique L'elixir which forms a barrier against these pollutants. Thank you Belle Botanique for developing a natural product. I must tell my friends.

    thumb Christina Attwell

    The perfect blend of organic ingredients. This essential Elixir of Skin Health is beautifully packaged to entice the senses!

    thumb Maria Moreira

    Can't beat all thesrt natural ingredients. Smells lovely

    thumb Kate Adams
  • Great product and smells great.

    thumb Shane Thompson

    The perfumes are unique and smell just divine as well as being natural and non-toxic. The skincare is all sustainably produced and delightfully packaged as well! 🙂

    thumb Cecilia Warrick

    Everything. Natural products are a win x

    thumb Jessica Jones
  • Amazing beautiful products

    thumb Lara Haynes

    As soon as i opened my Belle'Botanique package I could smell a lovely aroma, I love my Anti-ageing moisturizer, it makes my skin feel so lovely, the anti-ageing serum is amazing too! The products are natural which is important as i don't want chemicals coming into contact with my kids sensitive skin. They are also Australian made so i know they are safe. I will definately recommend to my friends and family!

    thumb Chanel Phillips

    The products are so wonderful and my skin is very thankful for Belle Botanique ??

    thumb Luana Gec