The Dangers of Hidden and Suspected Synthetic Aroma-Chemicals in Perfumes

Your Immune System is the most trusted guard to ward off any attacks on your health & well-being. According to scientific research listed below, one of the worst things you can do to compromise your immune system and hormonal system is the regular use of synthetic perfumes containing hidden and suspected chemicals. If you take care of your health regularly, please read the full scientific reports here.

Not So Sexy – The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance
(The report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Environmental Working Group)

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Role of perfumes in pathogenesis of autism.

Smell of autism: synthetic fragrances and cause for allergies, asthma, cancer and autism

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. The odors of fruits waft me to my southern home, to my childhood frolics in the peach orchard. Other odors, instantaneous and fleeting, cause my heart to dilate joyously or contract with remembered grief. Even as I think of smells, my nose is full of scents that start awake sweet memories of summers gone and ripening fields far away.”

American Author Helen Keller


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