Revealing the Power of Botanicals

Harnessing the best of what botanicals have to offer requires the perfect understanding of their chemistry and the complex molecules that they contain for skincare and haircare. Building on this knowledge, ‘Belle Botanique’ has developed proprietary extraction methods for plants, herbs, seeds, roots, flowers, leaves and barks.

Every extract is obtained through the best-suited extraction method with the ideal solvents to obtain the very essence of the plant. We use only ‘Green-Solvents’.

We use unique plant extracts, vegetable oils, lipids and botanical actives whose reputation is based on the exclusive combination of:

  • latest scientific methods validated by in-vitro or in-vivo tests
  • herbal-medicine and time-honored evidence
  • the emotional and cultural concept drawn from the beauty of the plant world

Sometimes synergy of plants is necessary for a better activity. Our herbal complexes have been developed to answer to a specific need.

Inspired by the beneficial properties of plants, our products have perfect symbiosis with the human body.



Our perfumes are made from real flowers, leaves, herbs, woods, roots, barks, leaves, seeds and fruits  - not from industrial chemicals. Majority of perfumes are made using aroma-chemicals, which are derived from toxic petro-chemicals.

Our 100% natural perfumes represent a marriage between tradition and science, and between the exotic and the modern.


Inspired by the beauty of nature - the world of flowers and plants, is the world of natural perfumery: their beauty, fragrance, the sense of calm, tranquillity and harmonizing effects they induce - can even help us to cope with the daily stresses of modern life.

Natural perfumes are a mixture of complex fragrance compounds, made exclusively from natural ingredients as defined by IFRA. The aromatics used in natural perfumes can be essential oils, oleoresins, distillates, fractions, concretes, absolutes, etc. All of the ingredients are physically extracted from plants without altering their chemical structures.

There is no finer, or purer perfume in the world than ‘Belle Botanique’ perfumes.

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