Scientific Excellence with Sustainability

Belle Botanique specialises in research and development of high quality products, derived from plant kingdom and are 100% vegetal. Belle Botanique is an ethical company with high standards of eco-designed products and sustainable development.

Wrinkle is one of the key features of aging skin. Aged dermis has fragmented elastic fibers, decreased collagen, and disproportionate types I and III collagens. At the bottom of a wrinkle, type IV collagen is decreased. Glycosaminoglycans, especially hyaluronic acid, are decreased.

We have developed products and extracts, using sustainable ingredients and processes, to address underlying causes of skin dryness and skin aging, stimulate collagen synthesis, and deliver hyaluronic acid topically.

Belle Botanique, has developed a comprehensive approach in product development to protect skin against the effects of environmental stressors and air-pollution.

“As a formulation-scientist, one needs to go outside the conventional formulary of using plastic/acrylic acid based polymers and synthetic oils, and explore different ideas based on natural plant-based chemistry” Manoj Jain

The result: 

A product that is highly functional with natural actives, a product that is both bio-friendly and eco-friendly.

Faster results - more effective product performance.

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