The body is our interface with the outer universe. When a crisis like COVID-19 unfolded, this physical crossing-point between our inside and the outside has become a source of acute anxiety for many.

Everything is connected from within to without and from outside to inside. We human beings represent the micro-dimension of a COLLECTIVE system, which in turn affects our bodies, emotions, minds, and souls.

Plant-based Vaccines – Yes, Possible
Medicago, a biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in Quebec City, and GSK have announced the start of Phase 2/3 clinical trials of its plant-derived vaccine candidate for COVID-19.

Other Alternative Methods
1. Daily Sanitization of enclosed spaces with non-toxic sprays can inhibit and reduce air-borne pathogens. Possible, yes.
2. Development of nasal sprays that can inactivate the virus and protect the mucous membrane. Possible, yes. Requires pre-clinical trials at a BSL-3 lab.
3. Development of oral sprays that can inactivate the virus and protect the oral cavity without causing systemic toxicity. Possible, yes. Clinical trials are necessary.

What we lost and what we gained in 2020?
Wishing You a Year Full of Blessings and New Adventures! Happy New Year 2021!

Manoj (Josh) Jain